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Pyrce Luk

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About Artist

Pyrce Luk earned her Master of Arts in Fine Arts from The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2023, after obtaining her bachelor’s degree in marketing. She developed a deep interest in wants and desires when pursuing her writing career in advertising and has forged her conceptual artworks with mixed media, contemplating these notions as well as truths and manifestations of hegemonic power in everyday life.

Recent group exhibitions include the “HK Forward 2023” (2023), “Project Original 2.0” (2023), and “5354 – MAFA Graduate Exhibition” (2023). Pyrce currently lives and works in Hong Kong.

陸嘉瑩早年修畢市場學學士,其後於 2023 年獲香港中文大學藝術文學碩士學位。從事廣告文案的職涯, 深化了陸氏對追求和慾望的強烈好奇,對她的藝術創作概念及藝術實踐產生了深刻影響。她的混合媒介 作品,同時審視「真實」和浸透日常的權壓。

近期的群展包括「HK Forward 2023」(2023)、「原味 2.0」(2023)及「5354 – 藝術文學碩士畢業生 展覽」(2023)。陸氏現於香港生活和工作。

For further information, please see the artist’s website here. 


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Instagram: @pyrceluk

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