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Exhibition Period: 3 April – 29 April 2024

Opening Ceremony: 6 April, 5 - 8 P.M. (Saturday) 

Yrellag Gallery is honoured to present Pyrce Luk’s solo exhibition “MAKE IT TILL YOU FAIL IT!”, comprising a collection of new works including poster prints, mix-media sculptures, and kinetic installation for turning Yrellag Gallery into a Blind Box Shop of "Failed-Eggs".

"Failing is a form of resistance, with a liberating force."

The "Failed-Eggs" project was hatched from an egg the artist accidentally misboiled, from which a mesmerizing “egg white flower” oozed out. Searching online for existing communities that appreciate such beauty, the artist was astonished to find none, despite billions of eggs being consumed daily worldwide. All she could find was advice on avoiding this “failure”.

What is often too hastily labelled “failure” from a utilitarian and overly simplistic binary view, might actually signify autonomy or the beginning of a revolution. Transcending their physicality, these "Failed- Eggs" manifest possibilities and alternative ways of being. From this perspective, “failure” is a form of success — Successfully defying societal and internalized external expectations.

This Blind Box Shop celebrates endeavours to fail the “what should be” and embraces the “what could be”. On display is a part of “Failed-Eggs” created since 2021, each of them has violated at least one guideline for boiling a “perfect egg”.

The exhibition opening will be held on Saturday, 6 April 2024 from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., and will be on view from 3 April 2024 until 29 April 2024. The artist will be present during the opening.


Yrellag Gallery 欣然呈獻藝術家陸嘉瑩個展 “MAKE IT TILL YOU FAIL IT!”(「直至失敗為止!」)。陸 氏以一系列新作品,包括海報印刷物、混合媒介雕塑和動態裝置,將 Yrellag Gallery 變成一所「失敗蛋」 的盲盒店。


「失敗蛋」這項目,源於藝術家一次烚蛋失敗的意外。當時,蛋殼縫間孵化出一朵異常迷人的「白蛋 花」,使陸氏嘗試在網上搜尋現有欣賞其美的同好,卻驚訝地發現儘管全世界每日消耗數十億顆雞蛋, 仍遍尋無果。然而,如何避免這種被標籤為「失敗」的指引則數之不盡。

經常被功利主義和過度簡化的二分法匆匆貼上「失敗」標籤的,或許其實是本我的彰顯,或變革的起始; 「失敗蛋」超越自身物理性,展現著存在的可能性和多樣性。從這角度來看,「失敗」也是一種成功 — — 成功地從被灌輸或已內化的社會期待中解放。

這間「失敗蛋」盲盒店,高舉對「正常化」的抗衡,擁納每個可能性和多樣性。是次展出的「失敗蛋」 是陸氏從 2021 年至今所創作之部分,每顆「失敗蛋」均違反了起碼一個烚煮完美雞蛋的指引。

本展將於 2024 年 4 月 6 日(星期六)下午 5 時至晚上 8 時舉行開幕酒會,屆時藝術家將親臨現場,展期 由 2024 年 4 月 3 日至 2024 年 4 月 29 日。

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