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About Us

An artist-run art gallery

Discover incredible artworks by emerging local artists & unique cultural experiences for all walks of life

Meet The Team

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I am proud to be a co-founder of the Yrellag Gallery, which is artist-run and is aimed at providing opportunities and exposure to emerging artists.  As the gallery is newly established, we are still finding our way with a view towards a sustainable future.  We are open to everybody in the art world and beyond, and welcome the opportunity to interact with fellow artists in the Mainland as well as artists from other parts of the world.  An art space in the gallery is also open to workshops, classes and presentations by artists and people interested in art.  We also see tremendous possibilities in the further development of Yrellag.


我以能夠作為 Yrellag 畫廊創辦人之一為傲。畫廊由藝術家運作,旨在為新晉藝術從業員提供機會及與外界互動。由於它成立不久,我們仍為其可持續的將來籌謀。我們歡迎藝術界內外的參與,亦向國內及海外藝術家招手。畫廊內亦提供空間,讓藝術家及對藝術有興趣人士可進行工作坊、學習班及演說。我們也對 Yrellag 未來發展充滿憧憬。

Lee Boon Ying 李本瀅

Co-Founder & Director

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Yrellag不是一個傳統意義上的Gallery,它吸引我加入的最大原因是在yrellag所做的一切都是以幫助artist (包括自己) 成為一個更好的artist為目標

Huang HaiYing, Enya 黃海英

Co-Founder & Director


I am very happy to be one of the founders of Yrellag Gallery, where I can meet more people with different artistic concepts.

In the process of co-curating the exhibition, we can share ideas and discuss art with different artists. It can make me learn a lot for my art career.

I hope that Yrellag Gallery will let more people know about art through more exhibitions, workshops, and artist talks.


很高興成為Yrellag Gallery 的創辦人之一,這裡我可以接觸更多不同擁有藝術理念的人。


希望Yrellag Gallery能透過更多展覽、工作坊和研討會,令更多人成為熱愛藝術的一份子。

Chau Kwan Long 周鈞朗

Co-Founder & Director

Our Mission

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