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Miranda Yiu

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About Artist

Miranda Yiu was born in Hong Kong and graduated from Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles,USA, majoring in illustration. After her return to Hong Kong, she engaged in illustration and designwork for nearly 20 years. She was used to work with different media, including acrylic, watercolor andpaper sculpture. During this period, she actively participated in the promotion of illustrations in HongKong and was the former Chairman of the Hong Kong Society of Illustrators. In recent years, she hasbeen focusing on paintings with Chinese ink, notably the passion to explore the depiction andexpression of the human body.

姚玉意生於香港,畢業於美國洛杉磯Art Center College of Design,主修插畫。回港後從事插畫和設計工作近二十年,她擅長使用不同的媒介創作:包括塑膠彩、水彩、拼貼及紙雕;期間積極參與及推廣香港插畫,為香港插畫師協會前會長。姚氏近年專注水墨創作,尤其喜愛探索人體的描繪和表達。

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