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Flow color . white

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Miranda Yiu

Exhibition Period

02 Apr - 28 Apr 2023

Yrellag Gallery is honoured to present a solo exhibition of Miranda Yiu - Flow color • white. Yiu seeks to explore the depiction and expression of the human body in her Chinese ink painting. She tries to capture the charm of the human body through calligraphic strokes and varied tonalities of ink, which give rise to a good result of artistic expressiveness, sometimes bold and vigorous, and occasionally flowing and twisting unconstrainedly, creating her artistic vernacular.


Ancient Chinese literati so adhered to the spirit of nature that goes beyond the appearance of forms. In paintings, whether manifested in five tints of ink or blank-leaving reflected artists’ spiritual cultivation.


The exhibition opening will be held on Tuesday, 4 April 2023, from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm and will remain on view until 28 April 2023. The artist will be present at the opening, and light refreshments will be served.

Yrellag Gallery 榮幸呈獻姚玉意 個展《游‧色‧白》。姚氏近年專注水墨創作,尤其喜愛探索人體的描繪和表達,嘗試以書法線條和濃淡墨色捕捉人體的韻味,時而剛勁,時而跌宕,時而纏綿,希望融入設計及插畫的經驗,創造一套自己的藝術語言。









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