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Louis Wong

Pyrce Luk.jpg

About Artist

Louis is a local self-made artist who makes his visual language with inspiration from imagination and during role-plays with his niece. His work is introspective, yet he still seeks to communicate with the chaotic world outside through portraiture in which bold and confident colours are demonstrated.

He continues to explore different ways to tell stories of human beings struggling with manifold thoughts and tensions in their innermost souls. As a result, his characters are at once remote and close to life. No matter what characteristics they possess, their remarkable resilience shines during the ups and downs, capturing the artist’s observations of human nature.


他繼續探索以不同的方式來敘述人類內心深處在多重思想和張力中掙扎的故事。 因此,他筆下的人物既遙遠又貼近生活。無論他們具有何種特徵,他們非凡的韌性在跌宕中閃耀,刻畫了藝術家對人性的觀察。

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