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Louis Wong

Exhibition Period

31 January - 28 February 2024

"Reviviscence" is a journey of self-compassion, a farewell to our old world. Adversity, anxiety, and self-doubt have taken away our sense of security but also compelled a rediscovery of our authentic self.

The exhibition is divided into "Part I: Rebirth" and "Part II: Serenity." The characters in each piece are the souls yearning for rebirth. The artist manifests their internal monologue through microexpressions and mirror gazing. In the first part, individuals dialogue with themselves, seeking release through reconciliation. In the second part, the works depict a composure of hope amid chaos. In both parts, the artist attempts to explore the relationship between adversity and renewed vigour.

The works contain a sense of introspection and repentance, depicting the noble spirit of humanity. Characters are often drawn from the artist's daily reflections and observations towards people around us. Beyond self-compassion, the exhibition encourages viewers to show compassion to others, i.e. with humility and listening, but not superiority and preaching.






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