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Youngclub: Worldview



Wu Hiu Nam, Kaio
Lee Pui Ying, Hiya
Chui Suet Wai


Lee Pui Ying, Hiya

Exhibition Period

11 Aug - 31 Aug 2021

Three artists Wu Hiu Nam, Lee Pui Ying and Chui Suet Wai, explore the influence of the rapid flow of information under today’s popular culture, all of which use art as a medium of information to convey their own creative creativity to the audience. The works also explore the relationship between popular culture/themes and art. Through observation, each individual's personal preferences are interestingly integrated into their pieces. Inspired by popular topics and fashion, Wu commercializes circulating culture into her own creation. In this show, she satirized the ubiquitous consumerism of Hong Kong real estate developers with a series of commodities. Lee’s The Dancing Conductor explores her musical interpretation of conductors' moves as a musician in the form of exaggerated and playful memes. And in the form of cheap printed matter, a large amount of content is output. Chui draws nonsensical cartoons, discovering absurdities in daily life and interpersonal relationships with her humorous and unique way of expression. Evaluated against the limitations of fine art, they acknowledge and exercise the rich and diversified value of YOUNGCLUB.

是次展覽透過三位藝術家胡曉楠、李珮瀅、徐雪慧,探討現今在大眾文化下,資訊迅速流通的影響力,均以藝術作為訊息媒介把自身玩味的創造力傳遞給觀眾。作品亦探討大眾流行文化/通俗題材和藝術之間的關係。透過觀察,把各自的個人喜好趣味性地融入作品。胡曉楠靈感來自流行話題和時尚,從而將具有流通性文化商品化為自己的創作。這次她以一系列商品反諷本港地產商無處不在的消費主義。李珮瀅的《The Dancing Conductor》以誇張玩味的 memes 形式,探討其對指揮家的音樂詮釋。 並以廉價印刷品方式,大量輸出內容。徐雪慧則繪製無厘頭的2漫畫海報, 以幽默和獨特的表現方式發現日常生活和人際關係中的荒謬之處。藝術家脫離傳統藝術的框框,去呈現豐富、多元的 YOUNGCLUB 價值。


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