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(—):  Vague Symbols, Visible Meanings

Kate Cheung & Itit Cheung Duo Show.jpeg


Itit Cheung
Kate Cheung

Exhibition Period

03 June - 28 June 2023

Yrellag Gallery is excited to announce the duo exhibition of interdisciplinary artists itit Cheung and Kate Cheung titled "(—): Vague Symbols, Visible Meanings." The exhibition will run from June 3rd to June 28th, 2023.


The exhibition title refers to the symbolism of line and brackets, which are used as metaphors for the various ways we connect with ourselves and others. Kate Cheung's works explore the role of line in literature, art, humanities, and society. The line represents the bridge of self-communication and self-discovery. In contrast, itit Cheung's works explore the symbolism of brackets and dashes. Brackets guide the content of remarks waiting to be filled in, while dashes represent an extension and transformation that connects memories and identity.


The exhibition "(—)" offers an opportunity for visitors to explore their own understanding of these concepts and connect with the artwork in a personal, meaningful way. The exhibition features a diverse range of styles, mediums, and techniques. Kate Cheung's works feature bold, flowing lines that move across the canvas with fluidity and grace, while itit Cheung's works are delicate and intricate, featuring intricate line work and nature-inspired motifs.


Each artwork on display is a visual representation of the artists' personal journeys of self-discovery and exploration. The exhibition encourages visitors to think deeply about their own relationships and the ways in which they communicate. It prompts them to consider how they fill the spaces in between and how they shape their relationships with themselves and others.


"(—): Vague Symbols, Visible Meanings" is more than just a visual feast for the eyes; it is a reminder of the power of art to bring people together and create meaningful connections in a world where communication has become increasingly fragmented and impersonal.


The exhibition will open on June 3rd, 2023. The artists will be present at the opening reception (11 June, 5PM), and light refreshments will be served. We invite everyone to visit our Gallery to experience more about the aesthetics in artists’ multidiscipline and thought-provoking artworks.

當代藝術展覽 "(——): 模糊符號,明顯意義" 展示了兩位藝術家Kate Cheung和itit Cheung的作品,他們共同開發這次展覽的主題來詮釋所構思的符號。此展覽邀請參觀者透過探索線條和括號的符號意義,尋找人與自己以及與他人之間的連結。


Kate Cheung的作品探索線條在文學、藝術、人文和社會中的作用。線條代表自我對話的橋樑,人們可以隨著線與自我連結,在內心找到答案。而itit Cheung的作品則探索括號和破折號的符號意義。對itit而言,括號引導著話語的內容,等待被填補,而破折號則代表延伸和轉化,連接記憶和身份。


展覽 "(——)" 為參觀者提供自我探索的機會,藉此與作品建立具個人意義的聯繫。這場展覽是視覺上的盛宴,展示各色各樣的風格、媒介和技巧。Kate Cheung的作品特點是大膽而流暢的線條,橫越畫布,流動優雅;而itit Cheung的作品則細緻而複雜,展現複雜的線條和自然靈感。




在通訊變得越來越零碎和冷漠的世界裡,"(——)" 提醒我們藝術的力量可以把我們聚集在一起,創造有意義的聯繫。

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