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SO Yuk Cheung

Exhibition Period

2 January - 28 January 2024

Meet with the artist  

19 & 26 January

Yrellag Gallery is proud to present Hong Kong artist SO Yuk Cheung solo exhibition “Uncomfortable Space”. Objects that seem familiar at first glance yet reappeared in the different formation. Losing their original properties but forming a different interaction with the space.


Inside the “Uncomfortable Space”, SO Yuk Cheung has built a ramp inside the gallery. "The Black rainstorm and flooding in last September left a deep impression on me. I really want to respond to that experience with a whole scenario, filled with anxiety."


He explained that, except producing the smoothened cement and the shimmering steel bars, as well as the thickly painted wooden floors, he was only immersed in the process of sanding and polishing with a sense of frustration. In the end, there was also an attitude of compromise when facing irresistible forces.


“After Flooding” is a three-dimensional work installed on the wall, which a locker was disassembled and filled with its own planks. The way of self-disintegration reflects the fact that objects lost their preserving function.


“Glimmer over Head” is placed on the ceiling cross beam. It is originated from the observation of exposed steel bars after concrete spalling. Smoothening the unevenness of concrete and removing the rust of iron branches, a sign of warning is hidden with visual dangerous eliminated. Making everything seems to be fine.


The exhibition opening will be held on Sunday, 7 January 2024 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m., and will be on view from 2 January 2024 until 28 January 2024. The artist will be present during the opening.

Yrellag Gallery 榮幸呈獻香港藝術家蘇鈺翔個展《不舒適空間》,驟看熟悉的物件,卻以不同的面貌重 現,失卻原來的特質,以另一種方式與所在的空間形成互動。


在《不舒適空間》中,蘇鈺翔在藝廊內建立了一個斜坡。「上年水浸時,感受頗深,好想用一整個情 境,焦急地去回應那時的見聞。」


他亦坦白,「撇除生產了平滑的水泥和閃爍的鋼筋,以及厚塗漆油後粼粼的木地板。過程只是沮喪地 沈溺在打磨和拋光中,還有面對不可抗力時,處理物件時妥協的態度。」


《水浸之後》是鑲嵌在牆內的立體作品。在拆解一個儲物櫃後,用其自身的木板填充其自身。這種 用自身瓦解自身的方式,顯示了物件失去保存功能的事實。


《抬頭看見有微光》置於天花板橫梁。源自於對石屎剝落後鋼筋外露的觀察。磨平石屎的凹凸和去除 鐵支的鏽跡,隱藏了一種預警,消除了視覺上的危機,仿佛一切安好。


本展將於 2024 年 1 月 7 日(星期日)下午 5 時至晚上 7 時舉行開幕酒會,屆時藝術家將親臨現場,展期由 2024 年 1月 2 日至2024 年 1 月 28 日。

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