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Through the Grille

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Lo Sin Ying

Exhibition Period

21 Aug - 08 Sep 2022

Yrellag Gallery is pleased to present Hong Kong artist Lo Sin Ying's solo exhibition Through the Grille at the Central Gallery from August 21 to September 8, 2022. The exhibition features Lo's artworks that reveal the hidden time and memory in our lives. In this exhibition, the artist uses a print-based mixed media technique that results in a hybrid of painting and print. She combines the textures of print with the nuances of painting. The methodology involves the repeated application of paint through carved printing plates and the subsequent fading of excess paint through washing or dilution, until the desired composition is achieved.


Yrellag Gallery 有幸呈獻 Through the Grille 柵欄之後,本次展覽將會展出香港藝術家盧善影的作品,作品揭示我們生活中隱藏的時間和記憶。盧氏使用了版印為基本,再加上混合媒介,形成了繪畫和版畫之間的畫作,達到既有版印的質感以及繪畫的細緻。該方法使用印刷板上顏色,並用水洗或稀釋以減去多餘的色彩。過程不斷重複,直至達到所想的效果。

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