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The Orbit of Someone

Lowre_FinalPoster_The Orbit Of Someone.jpg


Tessa Rose Jackson

Exhibition Period

12 May - 06 Jun 2021

The Orbit of Someone, is the solo exhibition of Amsterdam-based artist Tessa Rose Jackson. A composer, producer, and multidisciplinary artist, Jackson, who goes by the name Someone, takes advantage of new media and materials to fuel her creativity in different art forms.


The exhibition features a selection of Someone’s works from her early abstract series to newly released works. Included is her augmented reality series ORBIT, which originated from her album of the same title. Through abstract shape and form, Someone illustrates her synesthetic concept and creates a psychedelic visual world that corresponds with her music. Using interactive virtual technology to integrate animation, music, graphic images, and digital design, ORBIT invites viewers to immerse themselves in the artist’s universe. Audiences are encouraged to view all five works through the free interactive app SOMEONE PRESENTS: ORBIT.

In addition, this exhibition presents Someone’s imaginative art pieces from 2017 onwards, including the early works, She Came in Through the Bathroom Window (2017), Other Planets: Orwell and The Artist Struggles (2019). These selected works show Someone’s exploration and expansion of abstract art through experimentation with colour and structure. Together with a series of visual works, this exhibition also aims to address the connection between visual art and music performance, emphasizing an interdisciplinary perspectives of art. The artist’s latest music album, ORBIT II, a blue marbled vinyl record, therefore, is included in this exhibition for audiences to play and enjoy an audio-visual experience.

One of the most valuable results of the exhibition, for both the artist and the curatorial team, is the interaction between the audience and the exhibited artworks. Pens and memo pads are provided to visitors who are invited to express their feeling in writing or drawing, regardless of how trivial or complicated these feeling may be. They may then attach the written or drawn expressions to the wall near the works they preferred. These contributions will be collected and sent back to the artist.


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