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Hannah K K Ho
Maria Y M Cheung

Exhibition Period

21 June - 08 July 2022

Yrellag Gallery is delighted to present a duo exhibition by Hannah Ho and Maria Cheung, taking place from 21 June to 7 July 2022. In this exhibition, a selection of ceramic and photography artworks that reveal the searching in the passage of time, existence of matters and our changeable emotions. The artists use different approaches to retain and record their memories and trace poetically.

The exhibition will take place from 21 June to 7 July. 

Yrellag Gallery  欣然呈獻何家琪、張影薇聯展「存。留」(RETAIN . REMAIN)。展覽將於2022年6月21日至7月8日舉行。是次展覽將展出兩人一系列的陶瓷和攝影作品,記錄了她們在時光荏苒裏的尋覓和無常的情緒。何氏和張氏各使用不同的手法,卻保留和記錄了各自的回憶和痕跡。


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