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Phone Box of Echoes

回音電話亭_Design_R03_A2 size.jpg


Calis Leung
Esther Wong

Exhibition Period

21 Oct - 10 Nov 2022

Opening on 21 October at Yrellag gallery Mid-levels, Phone Box of Echoes is a duo artist exhibition featuring two local artists, Calis Leung and Esther Wong. They shared the experience of inner awareness of societies. They created their own representation to respond to both internal concerns through ceramic and painting.

With the chemical reactions between the fire of pottery making and the unknown materials in found objects,Calis expresses her sentiments of wars. Wars seem distant from us, but those were the bedtime stories for

Calis throughout her childhood, as her father had once experienced wars.


Meanwhile, Esther adopts colour pencils and watercolour as mediums to depict the inner relationship between humans and society, which is sometimes intimate, while sometimes estranged. Confronting the

ever-changing generation, Esther thinks that we lack some space and time to understand our own feelings, and her perception may echo your state.

Yrellag Gallery 欣然呈獻《回音電話亭》,本次展覽是由兩位本地藝術家 Calis Leung 和 Esther Wong 組成的雙人展覽。將於 10 月 21 日 Yrellag 畫廊開幕,這次的展覽,藝術家們分享了內在意識對社會的經驗,並創造了自己的表現形式,通過陶瓷和繪畫來回應內心關注的事。藝術家們以電話亭作比喻,喻意在陝小的空間凝望外部世界,給自己的內心打一通電話,靜聽他的回音。

梁程萬 (Calis Leung) 透過製陶的火和現成物中未知物料之間產生的化學反應,回應她對戰爭的觸動。戰爭似乎遙遠,但對梁來說是環繞她童年的床邊故事,只因她的父親是個曾經歷戰爭的人。


黃俊欣 (Esther Wong) 以木顏色及水彩作為創作媒介,訴說人與社會的內在關係,時而緊密,時而抽離。面對千變萬化的世代,黃認為少了一些空間和時間去理解自身感受,這是她的抒發,或許也是你與你的狀態。

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