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Oshie-The Art of Slow Looking

KeyVisual_Florence NG.jpeg


Florence Ng

Exhibition Period

29 Sep - 19 Oct 2022

Yrellag Gallery is honored to present Florence Ng’s solo exhibition Oshie - The Art of Slow Looking at Central Gallery from September 29 to October 19, 2022. Oshie is a traditional craft that originated with the aristocrats of the Edo period. Each picture of portraits, flowers, birds and landscapes is made up of many pieces of paper wrapped in beautiful kimono fabric and padded with cotton, glued together to  a three-dimensional raised ornament. It can be a work of art in itself or used to decorate hagoita, screens, chests, etc. Oshie is a slow craft. It is also a way of seeing things. From the composition of the image to the gluing of the pieces on the board, it is done with meticulous care. Perhaps it is not to represent the whole tree, but it captures the beauty of some of its flowers and a bunch of leaves.


In this exhibition, Florence Ng Chi-yan shows how she uses this traditional craft to depict typical images of modern Hong Kong and express her thoughts and feelings. She learned Oshie from Alice Ng and became qualified to teach Oshie in 2016. In addition to using traditional materials and techniques, Florence also experiments with wool, washi, newsprint, etc. and applies concepts of modern art to create works that convey a message. 


During the exhibition period, the public can experiment with Oshie and make a cotton tree flower, which is often seen in Hong Kong in the spring.


Yrellag Gallery 有幸呈獻《押繪 · 慢 · 觀物》,本次展覽將會展出創作者吳智欣的押繪作品。押繪是誕生於江戶時期貴族階層的傳統工藝,造法是把綿花填進布裡,併貼出立體的人物、花鳥和風景畫,務求使它們躍然於平面上。作品既可獨立成畫,也可用來裝飾羽子板、屏風、箱子等。







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