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Now you see it, now you don't



Chau Kwan Long

Huang Hai Ying

Lam Hiu Yan

Lam Ka Yee Miki

Lee Boon Ying

Exhibition Period

09 Dec - 28 Dec 2021

Yrellag Gallery is pleased to present “Now You See It, Now You Don’t”. Taking place from 9 Dec 2021 to 4 Jan 2022, is a group exhibition showcasing our founders’ art pieces. In conjunction of Hong Kong Art School Alumni Show "+1”, our show is echoing as a satellite show. 

Stemming from the idea of “+1”, “+1 Satellite Exhibitions” brings together exhibitions presented by 7 independent art spaces run by our alumni in tandem with the major exhibition “+1” held at Pao Galleries in Hong Kong Arts Centre.

'Now you see it, now you don't', showcases five artists and involves various media ranging from paintings, drawings, ceramics and installations.  Having gone through a couple of years of the pandemic as well as society restlessness, people react in various ways: some harbour negative feelings, some adopt positive thinking, yet others strive to reconcile with their inner beings.  Looking at the exhibition work, the viewer could hardly fail to notice the spectrum of emotions and thought processes on display and interact with them inexorably.  The result is at once unpredictable and perplexing.

“People are variously affected by what happened in society the past couple of years, especially the pandemic), but their response can be different - some take it negatively, some focus on the bright side, yet some others seek to reconcile with their inner beings, gathering up themselves in the process.”, our founders express and explore various ways of life in this difficult time, and  their artworks will illustrate emotions and thinking processes and what not, which would allow the viewer to interpret in various ways, often giving unpredictable but interesting result.

About the Artists


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