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Mok Hoi Ching, Silvester

Exhibition Period

02 Oct - 28 Oct 2021

When a set of lines or dots is superimposed on another set of lines or dots, a third, false pattern emerges in the form of “moiré pattern”. A similar visual perception can also occur when one looks close to the layer lines on 3d printed ceramics objects. Loose screws of the printer or slight difference in the clay consistencies, are the factors that caused changes in the layer width and height, producing unique objects. And these finest details suggest how the objects are made and hint the characteristics of clay.

望微,音取自「Moiré」 ,一種由線條交錯形成的紋理。在陶器上,一層層的線條暗示了陶器如何被打印出,透過觀察其細節,線條粗幼不一,為每件陶器飾上獨特的紋理。打印機的不穩定、泥土的乾濕度等因素對陶器的影響,在高溫燒製後被記下。


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