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Farewell Yesterday

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Kiesly Tsang
Masahiro Nakamura
Ng Kai Fung
Rorce Lau

Exhibition Period

20 Dec 2022 - 01 Jan 2023

In the 2022 year-end festive time, Yrellag Gallery presents the “Farewell Yesterday” contemporary photography show exhibiting fine art photography works from 4 Hong Kong lens-based artists and their conviction to say goodbye to the goblin mode in the previous years and move on to a new journey of possibilities. The show runs from 20 Dec ,2022 to 1 Jan ,2023 and includes a themed bazaar in which photography lovers can select handpicked gadgets, handcrafted festive gift items and personal valuables from the artists; classes to teach “Camera Obscura” and free ice-drip coffee tasting to go with artists exchange.

It’s Yrellag Gallery’s first attempt to combine photography show with a bazaar, bringing fun and festive joy to the conventional photography exhibition and introducing photographic arts to the community.

Artists invited in the group show, Kiesly Tsang, Ng Kai Fung, Masahiro Nakamura and Rorce Lau, are Hong Kong local lens-based artists embracing different generations, identities, cultural and social backgrounds. Under “Farewell Yesterday”, they capture the society sentiments and inspirations through their own unique lens.

As new generation photography lovers are reigniting passion on manual shooting, one of the show artists, Rorce Lau, will conduct experimental camera obscura classes in the Dec 24 and 31 afternoons. Participants can learn to master light-capturing, build their own camera obscura,

transfer ground glass image into digital images and experience the photography fun that can be shared in the after-class festive eve parties.

About “Farewell Yesterday”

To say goodbye doesn't mean to forget but to step ahead for new possibilities. We have decided not to linger on but to move on. Hereby, we pack our past, join our community and bravely stand up for our future. Dark days may still prevail but will ultimately end. Today, we unload our valuables, reboot our passion, free our minds and explore a journey to new days.

臨近2022年歲末佳節,Yrellag Gallery特別呈獻《告別昨天》當代攝影展,展出4位來自香港藝術家的攝影作品,作為他們告別往年的儀式,抱着繼續前行的信念,在來年開啟新的旅程。


這是Yrellag Gallery首次嘗試將攝影展與市集相結合,為傳統的攝影展帶來樂趣和節日的歡樂氛圍,將攝影藝術引入社區。


此次聯展邀請的攝影藝術家曾昭琦、吳啟峰、Masahiro Nakamura和劉德銘,都是來自不同的年代、身份、文化和社會背景。 在《告別昨天》中,他們通過自己獨特的鏡頭捕捉對社會的情感和源自生活的靈感。

隨著新一代攝影愛好者重新燃起對手動拍攝的熱情,其中一位藝術家劉德銘將在 12 月 24 日和 31 日下午舉辦實驗性暗箱工作坊。 參與者可以透過學習掌握光線捕捉、搭建個人的攝影暗箱、將磨砂玻璃圖像轉換為數字圖像,並體驗在課後的節日晚會上共同分享攝影樂趣。



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