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Yuen Lai Yi

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About Artist

YUEN Lai Yi (b.2000) attained a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2023. She concentrates on painting and drawing. She describes herself as a curious yet ineloquent storyteller who strolls along a vibrant and imaginative path between reality and fantasy. Her paintings contain overlooked scenes and fortuitous objects such as candies in grassland and potted apples next to bus stops. By splintering and rearranging these absurd objects into her own story using playful colours, intuitive textures, lines, shapes, and compositions, she creates a world that she feels comfortable with. Reverie gives her respite.

阮麗怡 (b.2000) 2023年畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術院。她是一個充滿好奇卻不善言辭的講故人,她常漫步於現實與幻想、充滿活力和想像力的道路上。她的畫作包含被忽視的場景和偶然的物件,例如在草叢的糖果、巴士站旁邊的蘋果盆栽。通過玩味的色彩、直觀的紋理、線條、形狀和構圖,將荒誕的事物粉碎並重新組合出她的故事,創造一個能讓她自在的世界。遐想讓她得以喘息。

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