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Shum Hok Kiu

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About Artist

SHUM Hok Kiu (b.2001)’s artistic practices are mainly paintings. Shum sees art-making as a form of life documentation and emotional expression while she focuses on exploring the uncertainty and effects of the environment on individuals. Aligning with the theory of “Alienation”, Shum’s works are greatly inspired by the daily yet unfamiliar scenarios she encounters. She simplifies the scenes or objects from daily life into shapes and transforms them into abstract forms. Photos she took are the foundation of her paintings, transforming real scenarios into a quiet and peaceful space from reality.

沈學翹 (b.2001) 的藝術實踐主要為繪畫。沈氏將藝術創作視為一種生活記錄和情感表達的形式,她的作品專注於探索環境中的不確定性對個人的影響。與「異化」理論契合,沈氏的作品深受日常而陌生的場景啟發。她將日常生活中的場景或物件簡化成形狀,並將其轉化為抽象的形態。照片是她繪畫的基礎,並將真實的場景從現實轉化為一個安靜祥和的空間。

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