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Rensis Ho

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About Artist

Renowned photographer Rensis Ho has been involved with the Hong Kong photo scene for over 25 years. Rensis wasn't always destined to become a photographer. Before finding his true calling, he studied computer science, became a bank programmer and dabbled in finance in New York before deciding to study photography at the Fashion Institute of Technology. After returning to Hong Kong in the 1990s, he began his career as a professional photographer. From 4As advertising agencies, banks, fashion and jewelry companies to magazines such as City Magazine, Amoeba, Tatler, Elle, Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Ming Pao Weekly and Modern Weekly, Rensis has been able to attract many prominent clients in the fashion and corporate world. However, his greatest passion is still life and portrait photography. He has photographed numerous Chinese and foreign celebrities, including Kate Moss, Isabella Rossellini, Alber Elbaz, Marc Jacobs, Nigo, Sakamoto Ryuichi, Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi, Anthony Wong and Denise Ho, to name a few. He has also photographed album covers for Anita Mui and Soler. In 2007, Rensis Ho held his first solo exhibition "Nike Tech Pack Exhibition by Rensis Ho: Hong Kong Subjects"; in 2010, he was invited to participate in the "Magnificent Seven Photo Exhibition" at Shenzhen Hua Art Museum.

何耀燊(Rensis Ho) 本地著名攝影師,在香港從事攝影工作超過二十五年。何氏 在大專時期修讀電腦,畢業後當上銀行程式員,隨後到紐約攻讀金融,再入讀 Fashion Institute of Technology,主修攝影。九十年代回港後開展其職業攝影師生涯,合作的客 戶不計其數,包括4As廣告公司、銀行、時裝、珠寶公司等,並長期參與雜誌拍攝工 作, 從《號外》,《Amoeba》,《Tatler》,《Elle》 《Bazaar》、 《Cosmopolitan》、《明報周刊》到上海《周末畫報》等等。何氏擅長靜物和人像攝 影,曾拍攝無數中外時尚名人紅星,包括 Kate Moss、Isabella Rossellini、Alber Elbaz、 Marc Jacobs、Nigo、坂本龍一、郭富城、舒淇、黃耀明、何韻詩等等,作品更包括梅艷芳和 Soler 唱片封面。2007年首次舉行個人展覽 「Nike Tech Pack Exhibition by Rensis Ho: Hong Kong Subjects」=2010 年獲邀參與深圳華·美術館展覽 「Magnificent Seven Photo Exhibition」。

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