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Novelle Wa

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About Artist

Novelle Wa is a photographer and a lens-based visual artist. She studied Photography in London College of Communication, University of the Arts London, and holds a bachelor’s degree in social work from the Hong Kong Baptist University. She is passionate about exploring stories and inner worlds that revolve around her life. Using both digital and analogue lenses, she intentionally captures these narratives and on occasion, incorporates other art forms to further express them. Her works usually have clear intentions, with predetermined themes, subjects, and settings, enabling a reinterpretation of these inner experiences. Her recent projects focus on socialization, social repression, and exploration of the inner self.

Novelle Wa 是一位攝影師及以攝影為主導的視覺藝術家。她曾就讀倫敦藝術大學倫敦傳播學院,修讀攝影,並擁有香港浸會大學社會工作學士學位。通過數碼和膠卷相機,偶爾結合其他藝術形式,她熱衷於探討自己及人們的故事和內心世界。其作品通常帶有明確的意念,預先設定的主題、被攝者及場景等元素,從而重新演繹這些內心歷程。她最近的作品聚焦於社會化、社會壓抑和自我探索的主題。

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