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Lonely Kidney

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About Artist

Lonely Kidney, (Alistar Huang) is a visual artist who explores the uncharted world through graphic design, illustration, and painting. Her artwork presents a surrealistic imagination, drawing inspiration from personal experiences, emotions, and everyday occurrences. Lonely Kidney’s practice often challenges traditional norms and pushes the boundaries of what is considered beautiful. She combines discordant and imperfect elements, creating harmonious chaos. By infusing a sense of humor into her artistic practice, it reflects her playful nature.

Lonely Kidney (Alistar Huang),是一名視覺藝術家。她主要透過平面設計、插畫和油畫探索未知的世界。以超現實的風格描繪怪誕的國度,她的靈感來自於生活的經驗和情感。藝術家的創作挑戰傳統規範並突破美學的界限,結合不和諧、不完美的元素,創造一種「和諧」的混亂。此外,她還在實踐中注入幽默感,反映她調皮玩味的性格。

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