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Cordelia Tam

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About Artist

Cordelia Tam was born in Hong Kong and has studied and worked in Canada. She received her Professional Diploma in Fine Art from Hong Kong Art School in 2017 and completed her Master of Fine Art program of Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in 2020. Cordelia explores the linkage between human and nature in her works, using everyday material combined with themes of conformity to inspire towards harmony in urban life. Her works are multidisciplinary and include video, installation, photography, and other media. In recent years Cordelia’s works have been exhibited in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Australia, and during her residency in Taiwan in 2018 she was awarded the 2018 Austronesian International Arts Award-Grand Prize. She held her solo exhibitions Go with The Flow and So Close, Yet So Far in 2021 and 2022.

譚若蘭,出生於香港,曾在加拿大升學和工作。於 2017 取得香港藝術學院藝術專業文憑,並 於 2020 完成皇家墨爾本理工大學純藝術碩士學位課程。譚氏從作品中探索人與自然的聯繫, 並以日常生活物 料為起點,加入順應自然的元素,從而啓發對和諧生活的追求。 作品以裝置、 錄像和攝影等方式來 呈現。近年參加多個本地香港、台灣及澳洲展覽,並於 2018 年駐留台灣 創作,更榮獲 2018 年度南島 美術獎-首獎。2021 和 22 年舉辦個展《清心順行》和《似近還 遠》。

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