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Comme Chan

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About Artist

Comme Chan (b.1980), is a management professional in the medical aesthetic industry with 20 years of experience. She once led the business management of a listed company where she achieved remarkable sales and trained an outstanding team of frontline specialists. The unique professional career of the artist with an eye for aesthetics and impeccable communication skills, not to mention her pursuit of excellence in painting.
When Comme first encountered oil painting in 2015, she was intrigued and gave up her original profession to devote three years to art. The artist's later attempts at floral arrangements broadened her view of the visual arts. Her determination, practice and experience shaped her style in landscape and figurative painting. Participation in international painting competitions and several awards have encouraged the artist to share her insights into nature, expressions, craftsmanship and techniques with other creative talents.

陳潣蓁 (b. 1980), 20 年資深醫學美容專業,曾擔任上市公司商業發展經理,管理經驗成績斐 然,為公司培訓前線員工,讓團隊共同達到驕人業績。現時為業內咨詢顧問。專業旅途上歷練眼 光獨到、有一套唯美的審視與溝通技法。
自 2015 年始初次接觸油畫後毅然放下醫美工作全心投入作畫三年。後再以花藝師身份繼續視 覺藝術訓練,積累體驗及實戰點滴。近年醉心創造寫實作風風景畫,並期間參與最少八個國際 繪畫比賽,有五個終選提名及贏得一項季軍。陳氏初衷為揉合商業審美與畫家的柔韌,表達對 藝術的見解,一起享受跟不同背景人士多探討自然、科技與工藝如何啟發繪畫創作。

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