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Carnival of Animals



Xi Xi

Exhibition Period

10 Sep - 27 Sep 2022

Yrellag Gallery is honored to present Carnival of Animals - Xi Xi's Animal Poems at Central Gallery from September 10-27, 2022. This group exhibition features selected illustrations from Hong Kong Author Xi Xi's new body of work, Carnival of Animals - Xi Xi's Animal Poems. These are 16 works with animal motifs, including alpacas, mammoths, orangutans, gibbons, polar bears, etc., as if various animals were celebrating carnival in Freedom Park. This is a different kind of poetry to express animals after the publication of Xi Xi's unique books The Teddy Bear Chronicles and Chronicles of Apes and Monkeys. Each of the 15 artists accompanied each poem with one or more illustrations, eclectic and heterogeneous. The reading of Xi Xi's poems and the artists' interpretations, coupled with the reader's own imagination and understanding, result in a polyphony of different voices - this is how literature and art should be.


Xi Xi's Animal Poems were accompanied by more than 20 paintings also the Carnival of Animal publication, which reflects the spirit of Xi Xi's: everyone can paint, both professionals and amateurs; painting styles are different and coexist on an equal footing, all come together to speak for animals.


Yrellag Gallery 有幸呈獻《動物嘉年華‧西西的動物詩》,本次展覽將會展出從香港作家西西近年的新作《動物嘉年華‧西西動物詩》選出的插畫,16幅作品以動物為母題,包括羊駝,猛獁象,猩猩,長臂猿,北極熊,等等,彷彿各種動物在自由裏舉行嘉年華,是奇書《縫熊志》,《猿猴志》之後,另一種用詩的形式抒寫動物。15位繪者為每首詩配以一幅或多幅插圖,不拘一格,多元異質。看西西的詩,看畫者的詮釋,加上讀者的想像和理解,眾聲複調,文學藝術合該這般如此。



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