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Cardboard Art

Lee Boon Ying-Poster.jpg


Lee Boon Ying

Exhibition Period

10 Apr - 9 May 2021

When creating art, Boon is interested in bringing forth the cultural moments of Hong Kong through memories and forms.  The city’s values in terms of history, ethics and family are close to his mind.  In the process of art making, he seeks to combine art with science in the study of forms and colours, in order to realize the process of transformation.

Over the past couple of years, Boon’s artwork is practically made out of found objects and cardboard.  In particular, the latter is a material that is recyclable and environmentally friendly.  It also alludes to trade and globalization, and can be related to social issues such as inequality and rights if we think of old people making a pittance out of collecting cardboard on the street.  As an art material it has a rich palette and can display lines and directions, lending a fresh angle of view and perception of extra space.






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