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Geoffrey Palmer

Exhibition Period

5 September - 29 September 2023

Yrellag Gallery is proud to present "Bound", a solo exhibition by Geoffrey Palmer. The exhibition will be held from 5th September to 29th September, 2023, featuring a series of ceramic works that encapsulated the myriad of mixed emotions during these times of change in the multiplex concept of “bound”.


Palmer explores nature, the history of ceramics, social pressures, as well as personal emotions in his art practice. In this exhibition, Palmer reflects his experiences over the past several years, navigating through the social and political changes that swept across the globe, with a particular focus on Hong Kong.


The term “bound" has many facets, as shown by the Oxford English Dictionary's twelve different definitions, which include verbs, adjectives, and nouns. It encompasses notions of being tied up, limitations, obligations under necessity, territorial boundaries, destined, leaping, bonds that tie, and even enslavement. Within these interpretations are themes of restrictions, removal of constraints, fear, and comfort. Palmer's exploration of these various meanings offers the viewer a rich tapestry of contemplation and introspection through the uncontrollable characteristics of ceramics.


The exhibition opening will be held on 9th September, from 4-6 p.m., and the artist will be present at the opening reception. We invite everyone to visit our gallery and chat with us!

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