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Blue Valentine



Stephaine Ng

Exhibition Period

04 Sep - 30 Sep 2021

Clouded emotions, intrusive thoughts, disturbing daydreams, anxious pondering, unsettling sensations… the artist uses the color blue to illustrate her vulnerable perception when it comes to flimsy human relationships. Blue Valentine is a series of paintings with ink washes and lines depicting the artist’s discomfort and flustering mind.

墨水的筆觸和線條掃開了厚密的情緒,剎那綻裂的慾念,混亂的夢染上了層層的藍,被水化開了的焦慮又匯聚,忐忑不安地顫抖的感受漫延成一條條深淺難分的線,劃破。畫家以 “Blue Valentine” 表達站在脆弱關係前的不安和慌亂。Valentine 所指的並不是情人,是包圍著人的,藍。


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