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Archaeology in RPG

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To Kai On Benny

Exhibition Period

10 Jun - 11 Jul 2021

For some concepts about religion, To often learns them indirectly from popular culture products. Modern people without religious beliefs may have the same experience; that is, they feel religious consciousness but think that they do not belong to any religion. Myths often explained that humans lived in plans written by some superior deities. It is these plans that make life meaningful. Today, myths still exist in different forms. For example, with technology's help, people reshape the concepts and content of myths and adapt them to comics, novels, and video games. This series of work uses the animations and games that To loved when I was small as the source of materials. The toy parts are molded and cast into treated ceramic to suggest an impression of antiquity. Combined with throwing and hand building, stamping a mark of my memory and imagination. This series aims to mix reality with animations and video games' virtual experience, weaving a role-playing game for myself.





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