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Rebeka Tam

Rebeka Tam, 早年畢業於香港浸會大學社會學系學士課程、2008年完成 RMIT University藝術學士課程,主修陶瓷;並於2013年於中文大學完成文化管理碩士課程。
Graduated from the Hong Kong Baptist University with a Bachelor degree in Sociology earlier years, later from  RMIT Univeristy (BA Fine Arts, major in Ceramics) in 2008, and completed a Master of Arts in Cultural Management at Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2013.
Rebeka has been working as an art educators and active in leading several community arts projects for years. She resumed her art making in recent years,and continues thinking about relationship between her art, personal and social emotions; and interested in exploring relationship between memory and clay. She has found the power of calmness through practicing mindfulness and with clay.
Rebeka has participated in local joint exhibitions. In 2019, she was funded by HKADC to Shigaraki, Japan, for an artist residency and cultural exchange project.In 2020,she has her first solo exhibiton "rest/unrest". Her works has been collected by local private individuals.





Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), RMIT University (co-presented with Hong Kong Art School)

Ph.D. in physics, The University of Hong Kong





Flipside, group exhibition, JCCAC L1 Gallery

selected for presentation at the Aetitud online art gallery:

Fine Art Asia

Waste to Create, online exhibition

Moot Point, group exhibition, ACO 6/F Art Space

artwork ‘Remembrance’ represented in Murze (a UK arts magazine, 7th issue)

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