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Louis, Wong

Louis Wong is a self-made artist who makes painting as his language. He gets inspiration from imagination and role-plays with his niece, and his artwork is rich in ideas. His work is introspective, yet he still seeks to communicate with the chaotic world outside through portraiture. He tells stories of human beings struggling with manifold thoughts and tensions in their innermost souls. The colors he uses are bold and confident. As a result, his characters are at once remote and close to life.


Louis Wong是一位白手起家的藝術家,他以繪畫為語言。他從想像中汲取靈感,時與侄女玩起角色扮演時汲取靈感,創作出富有共情的作品。他的作品是帶著內省的,同時他尋求通過肖像畫與外面混集的世界交流。藝術家講述了人類在內心深處與多種思慮作掙扎抗衡的故事。他作品的用色大膽而堅定,筆下的人物既遙遠又貼近生活。

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