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Li Ning

Exhibition Period

02 Nov - 05 Dec 2021

Yrellag 畫廊欣然呈獻香港版畫藝術家李寧於中環空間的個展「入甕」(Inhale)。展覽將於2021年11月2日至12月5日舉行。展出的多數銅版畫為全新創作,其主題彰顯李氏對科幻小說和潛意識夢想的濃厚興趣,這不僅是李氏標誌性的創作題材,亦是其源源不絕的靈感來源。




人物Boxman。展出作品讓觀眾親身穿越 Boxman 荒誕而刺激的旅程,以及遇到各種奇怪的怪物般的沿途的路人,帶我們踏上驚心動魄的旅程。


Yrellag Gallery is delighted to present Inhale, the unique solo presentation of Hong Kong local print artist Li Ning to be held at the Central gallery, taking place between 2 November – 5 December 2021. Comprising copper prints, this new body of work is reflective of Li’s deep interest in science fiction and subconscious dreams, a signature and ongoing source of inspiration within his art.
"Have you ever seen a man in a black suit holding a leather jacket? When you spin to your left temple, you find that he is imitating your footsteps."
On this occupied land, discarded corpses and skins are full of garbage stations. The man with amnesia crawled out of the pile of corpses. He picked up the Pisi beside him, pulled out the clothes abandoned by the immigrant family, put on one of the suits, and lifted the Pisi and walked out of the garbage station. The story goes on and imagination further begins. 
Li created a story full of rich mystery, and further developed an original and unique fictional character Boxman. The exhibited works allow the audience to personally travel through Boxman's ridiculous yet exciting journey, and to encounter various strange monster-like passer-by along the way, taking us to a thrilling journey