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Subtle Equilibrium

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Cheung Wai Sze, Rachel

Exhibition Period

05 Jan - 19 Jan 2022

Yrellag Gallery is delighted to present Subtle Equilibrium, a mini retrospective presentation of Hong Kong local ceramist and art educator Rachel Cheung to be held at the Central gallery, taking place between

5 – 19 January 2022. Comprising a wide range of Cheung’s signature works, this collection of work is reflective of her deep interest and research in materialism and the concept of Equilibrium, a signature and ongoing source of inspiration within her creation.
The show exemplifies the concept that Cheung has been preoccupied with since her university days—equilibrium and contrast. She combined the two concepts of contrast into a work, enlightening the importance of the concept of a balanced relationship. “In the middle of my Bachelor’s degree studies, I was interested in the physical equilibrium and balance of my clay forms,” explains Cheung. “They created intriguing and vulnerable states that struck viewers’ nerves and reminded me of human relationships.” By this exhibition, Cheung attempted to re-examine new perspectives, new feelings, new inspirations and more possibilities.